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Zapata racing Flyboard

The composition of the flyboard will continue to evolve and improve. We make every effort to keep the information on this page up-to-date and all specs have been provided by Zapata Racings Official Press Kit.
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Flyboard Kit

  • 1 BOARD
  • 1 ROTATION SYSTEM – (composed of specific plastic bearing balls in order to avoid corrosion, utilises a self-cleaning system using water pressure which allows the rejection of sand in the hose)
  • 2 SMALL HOSES – with handles and nozzles attached to the arms by a velcro system
  • 1 LARGE HOSE – provides pressurised water from the PWC to the Flyboard unit
  • 1 180° ELBOW – reverses the PWC water outlet
  • 1 NOZZLE – connects to the large hose
  • 1 QUICK CLIP – for an easy uncoupling between the Flyboard and the PWC
  • 1 ADAPTOR For an easy uncoupling between the 180° ELBOW and the PWC

NEW For 2013 – Flyboard Kit

Pro-rider version included: the hand stabilizers can be removed and replaced by a plug (utilization recommended after 50h of practice).

  • New quick engagement system for an easier elbow set up.
  • Removable pivotal system.
  • New board more resistant and new design allowing a 5km/h gain in speed and a better handling when performing submarine figures.
  • Nozzles bearing included in the nozzles and circlips more resistant.
  • Hand hoses more resistant and equipped with smooth handles.
  • Hand support cover reinforced.
  • New pearly white supply hose coated with a transparent polish.
  • New nozzles equipped with a roofline to optimize the water penetration.

Electronic management kit

  • 1 RIGHT HAND TRIGGER – sends a signal to an electronic card in the PWC
  • 1 LEFT HAND COMODO – start/stop and Emergency stop
  • 1 ELECTRIC CABLE – links with the electronic card
  • 1 ROTATION SYSTEM – composed of specific plastic bearing balls which allows the rotation of the thread inside the hose
  • 1 ELECTRONIC SYSTEM – composed of a learning mode which manages power
  • 1 ELECTRIC BEAM – connects the PWC (start/stop, cut out box)
  • 1 ELECTRICAL MOTOR – inside the electric box
  • 1 ACCELERATOR CABLE – different according to the PWC model which links the electrical motor and throttle body

Quick Nozzle Adaptor

  • 1 ADAPTOR – different adaptors provided according to the PWC model which allows adaptation between PWC and the nozzle

New for 2013 – EMK

  • Steel cable integrated to the sheath.
  • New swivel connector allowing the Flyboard rotation and disconnection.
  • Electronic Kit delivered already assembled (stabilizers, elbow…).
  • New throttle adapted to the Pro-Rider version.
  • KAE option allowing the EMK adaptation to the electronic command jet-ski last models (Seadoo & Yamaha).
  • New box watertight at 100%.
  • Steel box support inclined in order to avoid water stagnation. No more bearing at the end of the elbow.
  • Steel paste modification in order to reduce the acceleration cable use (KAE option).


  • The Flyboard is compatible with all brands of PWC with a minimum of 100HP – (150HP recommended).
  • All purchasers of the Flyboard are required to complete a course on how to operate the Flyboard.


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