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The Flyboard© is a new, very exciting product that we have launched in Africa.

The Flyboard® has been invented and created by Franky Zapata, the famous Jet-ski champion, through Zapata Racing during Spring 2011. FlyBoard Africa (PTY) LTD is the official sole distributor rights for Africa and Islands from ZAPATA Racing in Europe. We launched our product at the International Boat Show at the CTICC in October 2013.
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Our Vision:

  • To certify Flyboarding as the newest SA National sport, including national colors, etc.
  • To officially compete in the 2014 Flyboard World Cup and put South Africa on the map.
  • To make the product available as a recreational water sport to families & interested individuals.
  • To ensure effective governance, training, certification and national management of Flyboarding.
  • To ensure that Flyboarding remains a safe sport to be enjoyed by legible people ages 15 years and older.
  • To introduce this new, exciting and innovative sport across Africa.

Our Technical Expertise:

  • We are also very privileged to have Marcel Hijbeek on our team. He is a Certified Technician on all makes of Personal Watercraft (PWC). This is an International Qualification through Wyotech in Daytona, America. Click here for more details on this qualification.

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  • South African National Championship 2014

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*For your own safety be aware of any Flyboard© Product Imitations, in violation of Local & International Patent and Copyright Laws.


What is the warranty on the Flyboard?
  • For non-commercial use, there is a limited one-year warranty on Flyboard parts.
  • For commercial use, there is a Limited six month warranty on Parts.
The Electronic Management Kit:
  • For non-commercial use, there is a limited 6 month warranty on parts.
  • For commercial use, there is a limited 3 month warranty on parts. The Warranty is for defects only not wear and tear, the Limited Warranty will be void using the Flyboard Kit in extreme Sports or anything other than recreational sports.
Does the Flyboard fit on most personal watercraft?
  • The FlyBoard can be used with most models of personal watercraft. Please contact us with the year, make and model of yours, and we can let you know if yours is supported and the cost of the conversion kit. If you have not yet purchased a new or used watercraft, we can suggest models that work well.
  • An adapter will be needed for the Flyboard to fit on all SeaDoo, Yamaha, and Kawasaki, and Honda model personal watercraft.
Will most people be able to fit in the Flyboard Boots?
  • Yes, the standard Flyboard boot size adjusts from Men Size 8 to 12. Larger size boots are available at request. Any standard wakeboard binding or boot can be mounted to the board, so you can dial it in for your personal preferences.
Is there a weight limit?
  • Yes, the minimum weight is 45 kg and the maximum weight is 136 kg.
Do you need more than one person to operate the Flyboard?
  • With the Flyboard Kit you will need a Flyboard Certified Operator or Instructor on the PWC to control the throttle of the Flyboard.
  • If you purchase and install the Electronic Management Kit, you will be able to operate the throttle of your PWC from the Flyboard by yourself.
  • For safety, you are still required to have a person be on the PWC as a spotter in case of emergency.
How long does it take to detach the Flyboard and put the nozzle cone back on the PWC?
  • Out of water, about 10 to 20 minutes. There is a quick adapter available which allows you to quickly convert from PWC mode to Flyboard mode and back in about 5 minutes.
How high can you fly and how deep can you go under water?
  • Depending on the horsepower of your personal watercraft and the weight of the rider, you can fly up to 13.7 m high.
  • When performing a ‘dolphin’ maneuver, we recommend you do not go deeper than 2.4 m deep as you can cause ear pain or even rupture your ear drums if you descend too quickly without equalizing.
  • Never dive into murky and unknown waters. Serious injury or death could occur if you come into contact with underwater objects while performing a diving maneuver.
How fast can you travel above and underwater with the Flyboard?
  • It will depend on both the horsepower & weight of the PWC, and the weight of the pilot. Typically, you can get up to 24-32 km/h.
How long does it take to learn to fly the Flyboard?
  • Most people are up and flying within 10 minutes with a Flyboard Certified Instructor.
  • Your flight experience may vary depending on your ability to execute your flight instructor’s directions, but most are performing more advanced maneuvers with a couple hours of flight time.
What is the minimum horse power does your Jet Ski need to be in order to operate the Flyboard?
  • We have experienced very different results with PWC of equal horsepower but different manufacturers.  While a 100HP PWC should be sufficient for a 100kg person to get airborne and fly, we recommend using a PWC with at least 130HP. The higher the horsepower, the higher you can fly.
If you got the electronic management kit attached to the Flyboard, can you still power the Flyboard from the Jet Ski?
  • The EMK allows you to control the engine start and stop, as well the throttle of the PWC.
  • There is a push button for start and stop, and a trigger for fine tuning control of your throttle.
What is the maximum weight of someone, to be able to fly the Flyboard?
  • The Flyboard is recommended for riders up to 136kg.
  • Example: Using a 255HP PWC, a pilot that weighs 115 kg can fly up to 9 m and travel approximately 30 km per hour.
  • On a 100 horse Jet Ski that same person can fly up to 4 to 5 m and travel approximately 12.9 to 16.9 km per hour.
How much does the Flyboard weigh?
  • Approximately 43 kg with all attachments. For shipping or checking as baggage on a plane, it can be separated into 2 packages of less than 22,5 kg each.
Can the Flyboard operate in salt water?
  • Yes, but we recommend that you clean the Flyboard thoroughly after each use with fresh water.
With the Electronic Management Kit attached to the Flyboard, can you still power the Flyboard from the Jet Ski?
  • Yes
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