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Now available in South Africa!

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Special Packages & Extreme Adventures

It is said that the Flyboard can be tamed in 5 minutes and mastered in 1-2 sessions – give it a go with our Special Packages & Extreme Adventures across South Africa

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Unbelievable, Flyboard or Hoverboard offers

NEW! The amazing Hoverboard by Zapata Racing®!

Now available in South Africa!

The Hoverboard is a water propelled device that allows its user to fly up to 5 meters above the water as fast as 40km/h, to realize multiple freestyle tricks.

Any enthusiasts for big thrills will enjoy this new innovative product.

Surf lovers who want to experience a new way of surfing, should try the amazing sensation of the Hoverboard.

Between flying and surfing, the Hoverboard is the new innovative extreme discipline that will make you experience new sensations.

The Hoverboard is a surf board that is attached to a PWC (Personal Watercraft) with an 18 meters hose, which gives the Hoverboard propulsion through air.

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Ever dreamt that you could fly?

The Official Franky Zapata Flyboard now available in Africa!

Anyone can do it!

Learn to fly in 10 minutes!

For Sport or Leisure

For Sale or Rental

Dealer and Operator Opportunities available

Are you the 1st SA National Champion?

The history of the Flyboard.

The Flyboard® has been invented and created by Franky Zapata.

The Flyboard® has been invented and created by Franky Zapata, the famous jet-ski champion through ZR during spring 2011. After acquiring experience in jet-skis through competition, Franky Zapata set up ZR. At the beginning, the ZR’ core business was the construction and designing of PWC dedicated to races. After acquiring a worldwide reputation, ZR started to develop the Flyboard® in order to offer a new discipline that would be the perfect fusion between wakeboard, surf, kite surf and jet-ski freestyle.

ZR kept his promise by commercializing a year later the first Flyboard®. Indeed, everything went very fast. After several prototypes Franky Zapata finally succeeded to get out of water and stabilize in the air thanks to an under feet propulsion and hand stabilization. Then, he improved the flight intuitively which made the Flyboard® ready to use. After patenting the invention in INPI, ZR presented the Flyboard® for the first time during the World Championship in China.

The first flights had been recorded and posted on YouTube which was visited more than 2, 5 million times in 15 days. The Flyboard® story started to be written… Within a year, the Flyboard® met a huge success worldwide. Thanks to a large-scale distribution network set in all continents, ZR sold more than 1500 units within 6 month and amazed thrill-seekers from all nationalities; the Flyboard® Family was born.

100% fun. 100% Adrenaline!

The Fly board is a wakeboard based Water jet propelled “fun board”.

Propulsion takes place through a 18 meter flexible pipe, inter-connected between the Flyboard and the Jet-ski turbine. The thrust from the Jet-ski is then diverted to the Flyboard and the Jet-ski has now become a powerful pump controlled by a operator, or if you are more advanced by a hand-controlled remote.

Two Flyboard versions are available, depending on personal preference. Both are equally fun,  allowing the same thrills and flights as high as 10 meters (depending on Jet-ski power output).

Jump, Dive, Flip and Fly!

The Jet-ski needs to have a pilot at all times, and the pilot should have a valid skippers licence.

Beginners must be under the control of a experienced Flyboard operator, who will control the Jet-ski thrust or pump output.

Advanced flyers can use a remote control.

Flyboard Version one is propelled with 90%  thrust through the nozzles under your feet and the 10 % through the hand thrusters. The Hand thrusters are strapped to you arms assisting in controlled maneuvering and stabilised flying. Flyboard Version two is propelled as above with exclusion of hand-strapped thrusters, thereby providing 100% nozzle thrust. No wakeboard experience is required to fly the Flyboard, all it takes is a lifejacket and a bit of practice. By tilting your feet on the board it will allow you a flying freedom, as never experienced before!

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